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Limor Markman Limor Markman

I'm a proud Canadian with a modern feminist twist, on a mission to prove that when women build each other up and support one another, nothing is impossible.

During my degree in International Business I had the good fortune to study in Canada, France, Hungary and Czech Republic. I loved the thrill of gallivanting around the world and tasting different experiences. Once I had a sample of the unconventional, I knew I couldn't be put back into a box.

I spent the next decade marketing financial products for some of Canada's largest financial institutions and taking a stance on women's equality. By night I could be found either twirling on the dance floors of Latin dance clubs or rehearsing for upcoming performances on stages across North America. With one foot in the corporate world and the other in the arts, I was exposed to the best of what life has to offer.

My curiosity and quest for knowledge surrounding personal finance and multiple streams of income, led me to explore the world of real estate investing. Over the last few years, I've steadily been building a portfolio and now teach real estate investing across Canada.

I've since left my corporate job for the unconventional. I'm pursuing my passion, and focusing on what I love most: empowering women to understand their finances and take charge of their financial destiny!

I'm blessed to be living my dream life... it took a lot of hard work plus a little luck, and I'm hoping to show women everywhere, that if I can do it, so can they!
Tracy Cartland Tracy Cartland

Following 20 years in the working world, Tracy Cartland found herself a victim of company restructuring and was made redundant.

As a single mum, Tracy soon saw this as the best thing that could ever have happened and realised that she had to change her income from earned to passive. Applying knowledge and creative financing techniques, gained from a new education in property, Tracy became an accomplished property investor.

Tracy now inspires, motivates and educates thousands that aspire to change their life. As an international speaker and UK property trainer, she is now honoured to be able to share with you how it is possible to generate wealth and choice in life by investing in property, regardless of your life and financial circumstances.